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About Us

a mushroom for every moment

We are a family owned and operated Canadian company and we have busy lives that include raising a family, staying fit, eating well, practicing mindfulness and working hard to contribute to a HUMANITY PLUS philosophy of business. We have a deep connection to the ecology of our majestic forests, shorelines and mountains right in our own backyard.  We believe that THE FUTURE IS FUNGI - Welcome to EVERSIO!

Craig & Brandi Garden, Co-Founders

Our Story

Located on the West Coast of British Columbia, Eversio Wellness Labs is an expanding mushroom wellness company with big plans for the future of fungi across Canada, the US and beyond.  Our mission is simply to change lives through fungi. Our lives have been positively impacted by including many different mushroom extracts on our wellness journey and we want all of humanity to experience the healing we are grateful to know. Our hope is to foster a world that seeks natural options to help treat the root cause of physical and mental health conditions.

On July 23rd, 2021 Health Canada granted Eversio Wellness a Controlled Drugs and Substances Dealer’s Licence that enables us to participate in the research and development of products with psilocybin. With our licence we are developing a new category of natural medicines that will help create the paradigm shift that our world is ready and waiting for. The word Eversio means CHANGE and this milestone has brought us one step closer to being part of meaningful change in available treatments for unmet healthcare needs. Fungi produce some of the most important beneficial compounds on our planet, and we intend to stand strong as advocates for overcoming stigma and unlocking the healing powers of the many natural compounds inside psychedelic mushrooms for ALL Canadians! 

Current chemical treatments for mental health are often insufficient or create substantial side-effects and unintended consequences. It's time for CHANGE.  

Meet The Team

Waterfall in nature

“Human consciousness is always at risk of getting stuck, sending the mind around and around in loops of rumination; mushroom compounds like psilocybin can nudge us out of those grooves, loosening stuck brains and making possible fresh patterns of thought.”


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