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Health Canada's
special access program

Health Canada's Special Access Program (SAP) allows for health care professionals to request access to drugs not currently for sale in Canada. This program is used for patients suffering from serious or life-threatening conditions and considered only when conventional therapies have failed, are unsuitable or are unavailable.


On January 5th, 2022, Health Canada amended the SAP to allow access to psilocybin. This amendment also allows manufacturers approved by Health Canada to sell a drug that cannot otherwise be legally sold or distributed in Canada. This program connects health care practitioners and their patients in need with access to safe and regulated psilocybin and other approved substances.


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TheraPsil - Therapeutic Psilocybin

TheraPsil is based in Victoria, BC in Canada and is a non-profit coalition of healthcare professionals, patients, and advocates dedicated to obtaining legal access to psilocybin-assited psychotherapy for Canadians in medical need. TheraPsil is advocating for regulatory change to ensure that psilocybin therapy can be a safe, equitable, and accessible treatment option in Canada.

MAPS Canada

The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) Canada is committed to planning, conducting and publishing scientific research and education supporting the beneficial uses of psychedelic medicines, including treatment for medical conditions, neuroscience, creativity and spirituality.

Psychedelic Psychotherapy Forum

Working in the areas of health and wellness, community organizing and restorative justice, and teaching and research, Psychedelic psychotherapy is an interdisciplinary cooperative who advocate for the therapeutic, spiritual and cultural use of plant medicines and psychedelic substances for personal and collective healing and transformation.

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Forest Road

“Psilocybin can offer a means to reconnect to our true nature - our authentic self - and thereby help us find meaning in our lives.”


Mary cosimano
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