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licenced manufacturer

Our Health Canada Controlled Substances Dealer’s Licence (6-1285) provides our scientists the ability to create the highest quality natural psilocybin products that are available for research and clinical trials. 

Psilocybin producing mushrooms offer a psychedelic renaissance and an

elevated humanity.  Although recent research has focused on a wide variety of psychedelic medicines, at Eversio we believe the future is FUNGI. Compared to other psychedelics, psilocybin (the naturally occurring psychoactive compound found in psychedelic mushrooms) carries the most evidence for the widest diversity of candidates who can benefit from its inclusion in a therapeutic wellness plan.  An enormous amount of data on psilocybin's effectiveness for creativity, cognition, PTSD, depression and regeneration of neurons, has been collected in hundreds of studies. Eversio believes legal and responsible use of this naturally occurring source of medicine will change the way we live and will help our society evolve into an elevated humanity.


our mushrooms

Our research and development scientist, Dr. Ludovic Le Renard, is a published mycologist with a PhD from the University of British Columbia, and pours his true passion and respect for the kingdom of fungi into cultivating our mushrooms to exceed the highest quality standards possible. 

*Image taken February 4, 2022, at Eversio Labs

processes & testing

Our processes and procedures are designed, and our facility is constructed, to be cGMP compliant. Our carefully chosen third-party testing labs are thoroughly vetted to ensure our products surpass Health Canada’s testing requirements for both safety and efficacy. Please use the form below to contact us if you are interested in requesting our natural psilocybin for research purposes.


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